Significant Risk Of Personal Unique Biometric Data Through Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Photos

Skepticism and biometric security are often hand-in-hand. Now, there is proof of validation behind the skepticism as it has been proven that through the use of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) photos in combination with a level of 3D rendering. Hackers can efficiently thwart any biometric scanner.

This flaw in biometric security systems was first discovered earlier this month by a group of security and computer vision specialists based at the University of North California at the Usenix Security conference.

Through the development of a system which incorporates the use of digital 3-D facial models which are based on photos which are available to the public on social media such as Facebook. The researchers were able to overcome biometric security.

In combination with the 3-D rendering feature, the image is then displayed through the use of virtual reality technology. Therefore, defeating biometric facial scanner security.

A biometric scanner generally pinpoints specific key points in the details of the face, such as motion and depth cues. However, these researchers were able to use a smartphone virtual reality application (for easier access and portability in a real life scenario), and provide the same details which led to gaining access to biometrically secured data.

True Value, a study author who works on personal computer vision at the University of California stated that he found it scary that through the implementation of this system, which simply took the images provided by citizens and leveraged it against their own security systems.

Through the implementation of this system; four out of the five attempted tries to hack separate biometrically secured platforms were successful.

The systems that the researchers attempted to overcome security on extendingtoKeyLemon, Mobius, TrueKey, BioID, as well as 1D.

Biometric Security, previously a very malnourished / infamous form of security due to the belief, that if anyone remotely had the same resemblance as you; they would overcome your security. However, now biometric security is even less safe than was previously anticipated.

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