Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Updates Google Classroom For Parents, Guardians

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google has recently released an updated Google Classroom in anticipation for the upcoming academic year (AY).

What’s New

Google Classroom is known for providing convenience to teachers and students alike. Now, the app is also bringing in parents and guardians. Dina Kachintseva, Google Classroom Software Engineer, and Felix Wang, User Experience Designer, emphasized that the participation of parents and guardians in students’ education has a vital impact that cannot be compensated for inside the classrooms. As they noted, the learning process in the academic institution is just the “tip of the iceberg”.

To have a real-time update about how the students are doing in every class, parents and guardians can automatically be notified about the summaries of the students’ respective work via email. The teachers can choose to send updates to the parents or guardians of their students daily or weekly. While students may not be the biggest fans of the idea, it is nonetheless an optional feature.

The new Google Classroom now enables students and teachers to collaboratively annotate documents. It really comes handy for both parties as it is now made more convenient to accomplish tasks. Specifically, teachers can easily mark-up submissions (i.e. homework, projects, etc.) using red markers while students can conveniently sketch graphs— all these things can be done with just their handheld devices on hand.

Furthermore, for a better experience, teachers can now create topics on their respective class streams. Consequently, teachers and students alike can browse posts and filter them by topic.

Google for Education

Google Forms, one of the offerings under Google for Education, has also received a significant update. Now, teachers can easily make questionnaires as Google Form enables them to create multiple choice types of questions and even add images to questions.

Moreover, Google has updated Google Expeditions with new virtual reality (VR) expeditions, bringing the total number of available VR expeditions to over 200. The technology giant is also planning to launch Google Expeditions on the iOS soon.

On the other hand, next-generation email platform Inbox by Gmail is now integrated with Google for Education. Lastly, all teachers and students on Google Classroom may now access Cast for Education.

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