, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Poaches Artificial Intelligence Guru From Xerox Corp (NYSE:XRX) To Work On Alexa Virtual Assistant, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has contracted Ashwin Ram, artificial intelligence (AI) researcher and a Xerox PARC worker, to conduct AI R&D for Alexa, the e-commerce behemoth’s virtual assistant. On Tuesday, Ram tweeted about his appointment and Amazon’s orator has confirmed that Amazon has hired Ram. However, he refused to give any further information about the subject matter.

Did Amazon spot Ashwin Ram Due to his great history of Artificial Intelligence?

For the last five years, the veteran computer science researcher has been working at PARC and recently, he was playing the Area Manager & Chief Innovation Officer’s role. According to LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD), he also held the role of Intelligence and Augmented Social Cognition, where he worked on various apps and technology related to health and well-being.

Also, Ram is a subordinate professor for the college of computing at Georgia Tech. Here, he was in charge of the cognitive computing lab up to 2011, a period of eight years. It was in that capacity that he led research on Artificial Intelligence and cognitive science.

From information obtained from Wikipedia, Ram’s projects were majorly focusing on Artificial Intelligence for virtual worlds and computer games, educational technologies, and consumer health and wellness. This included case-based reasoning, natural language processing, knowledge-based machine learning, and cognitive modeling.

Ram is not just working on Alexa’s Artificial Intelligence

Even though Ram’s responsibility at Amazon appears to be centered on R&D where he will be leading the team in developing the Artificial Intelligence side of Alexa, it has the entrepreneurial feature too. This is because Ram is known to have founded three companies. Alexa is the tech giant’s conversational agent that gives the Amazon Echo and other numerous devices, has the entrepreneurial feature too, having founded three companies.

The three companies founded by Ram include Enkia Corporation, which was acquired by Sentiment 360 back in 2011and Inquus Corporation which that runs an online social learning network Open Study. Cobot Health Corporation, a medical information company, is the third company that was founded by Ashwin Ram.

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