What Does Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) Has In Store For Its Customers?

There continues to be a huge increase in the number of complaints about Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) data caps across the United States.

According to a report released by the Federal Complaints Commission the second half of 2015 saw about 7,904 complaints compared to 863 during the first half of the year. The commission reports that figures up to the middle of April in 2016 reveal that around 1,463 complaints have been received. The information was made available to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) upon their request through the Freedom of Information Act.

This now brings into question the monopolistic nature of the broadband market that exists in the United States of America. Resulting from the fact that the data cap affects your overall internet connection companies such as Comcast now seem a bit dubious as they also have an interest in online movie streaming website Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX).

Even though Netflix is seen as a rival to Comcast using Netflix as opposed to Comcast’s cable television, there might not be much of an option. Resulting from the fact that the data cap is designed to slow down data speeds, disconnecting users or even charging overage fees, users who use Netflix endure a horrible time. Netflix is generally seen as an ‘over the top’ platform as videos are constantly being watched and streamed on this site.

However, an executive of Comcast Marcien Jenckes has moved to dispel the school of thought that Comcast aims to put Netflix under. Noting the fact that Comcast does not have platforms that utilize the services, more specifically internet through its own Stream TV Internet; Jenckes believes arguments baseless. Therefore, the thought about anti-competition or ulterior motive was flatly dismissed by the company official.

While there are suggestions being made to increase the data caps capacity, there will always be speculation about mega companies like Comcast which has controls in the wireless as well as the wire line networks. Whether things change; this remains to be seen.

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