Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Latest Patent Is About Tearable Screens

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google continues to be at the top of the technological advancement agenda with its patent filing of screens that can be ripped and shared.

Screens can already be bent and rolled. Now, Google promises to make it possible to rip the screens apart and share information with your friends and relatives. The tearable screens will act as several individual elements that can function as separate displays.

The screens can still be put back together after they have been ripped apart. They can be reattached to the screens they were torn from, or combined with others from the same screen or from a different screen. It is also possible to add the tearable scripts to other screens. Every time the screen is modified, its contents are also modified.

Google demonstrates its idea using a ‘lost dog’ screen. In the original poster, the dog is fully intact. After it is torn, the dog is presented on a smaller display that also features a phone number. In another similar demonstration, a screen advertising an item is displayed. It has a detachable section which can be ripped off to get a coupon.

This new technology is compatible with screen of all types, including OLED, LED, e-ink or any other form of screen technology. In fact, even where a screen is made of a combination of several screen technologies, the technology is still applicable. For instance, in the ‘lost dog’ demonstration explained above, the main screen could be an OLED screen and the detachable screens could be based on the e-ink technology.

The functionality of the tearable portion of the screen can be accentuated by including processors, storage media and a power supply. This will make their information sharing ability even more robust and user friendly. The filing of this patent by Google is a step in the right direction as modular and disposable displays have long been waited in the technology arena.

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