Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Messenger Is A Marketers Best Friend Unlike Snapchat

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Messenger has a distinctive edge over rivals such as Snapchat according to NewsCred. This advantage lies in the customer base for both companies; with a majority of Teenagers and Millennia for Snapchat and a majority of older folks for Facebook Messenger.

The fact is, the younger persons do not spend as much as the older people according to statistics, hence marketers see Facebook messenger as being more viable and suitable for business. Facebook Messenger has seen far more users spend on its platform than on Snapchat’s platform. In fact so drastic is the statistics for Snapchat that is has been revealed that around 98% of users on that platform rarely if ever at all make any purchase.

While Facebook has an estimated 900 million users to Snapchat’s 100 million. The fact that Snapchat’s users view approximately 800 billion videos per day does not make for much either. Only 36% of these videos interact with a brand in some form or another. A Whopping 55% is peer to peer with all of them vanishing before the day is out; not particularly great news for marketers.

Facebook is not resting on its laurels and is actually looking to consolidate its position. As a result the company is looking to launch virtual agents which are automated. These chat bots will be available to organization, and needless to say, these organizations also have their huge fan base that already exists on Facebook.

Another key factor is the fact that unlike with Snapchat these chatbots on Facebook will give users the opportunity to make contact outside of the platform. Therefore this will make it more feasible for business transactions and purchases thus enhancing a particular brands sale and customer service. Therefore it is evident that the Faceook Messenger is more conducive to facilitating brand interaction and purchases as opposed to Snapchat.

In order for Snapchat to endear itself more to marketers, it will have to make a number of changes; two of which will include, trying a different customer base or rolling out programs on the platform that are marketer friendly. Until that is done, the marketers will continue looking to Facebeook.

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